• Virtual Quote is the new revolutionary way to find, and local Tradesmen, 'Live' on the map above, amongst many other premium features loaded within the site

    We are looking for Local Trades people and users looking for local, reliable tradespeople to join us, click below to join. It takes seconds.
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    It is an all in one online tool box for both Tradespeople, and customers requiring, local, reliable Tradesmen, with that extra touch of trust with the industries FIRST Two way ratings system, for a more even and fair society

    Virtual Quote allows you, the customer to add videos of your project ,and all local tradesmen to recieve via email, and allow them to show interest by responding to your job.

    The chosen Tradesperson can then Virtually Quote and you are able to speak to directly via your very own private chat system to discuss the project in hand

    • Search via the Live map

      Search instantly and find local Trade near to you.

      Users: Simply go to the map, enter the trade you require by typing, then using the drop down menu.

      Trades: Please remember because it shows on the map where you're working, location must be on, if you wish to be found on the map

    • Send Hire Requests direct

      Post a Job, or send your chosen Trade a Hire request, and get a response from your chosen direct in your instant messages - attract the best, and speak direct in real time via chat

    • Create a professional webpage

    • Create own webpage, add your logo, business description,examples of your work, your team members and show off your ratings to prospective customers

    • Upload a video of your job

    • We are the first trades website that allows users to upload a video of their job or project.

      If you want to post a video of the job your want doing, simply click here and add description and a small video - Upload, done!

    • Tradesmen availability key

    • You can search instantly on the map for Tradesmen in your location above.

      Simply choose your chosen trade and allow location, or enter your location and press Search

      Any trade that is logged in and wants to show where they are working will show up on the map as Green and if unavailable they will show up as Red

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