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Expressed Terms and Conditions:

These terms are expressed to refer to the use of Virtual Quote/Trade Genies by all concerned parties.

The term concerned refers to current, past and potential vendors and customers. Use of the site expresses acceptance of the terms. You agree that you do not have the right of private use of this site for any representation of your whether it be for personal gain or the implication of affiliation to or with Virtual Quote/Trade Genies.

When you access the the contents of this site you are bound by its terms of use. Terms and Conditions of this site are subject to be changed solely at the discretion of the owner without prior notification to any of the sites vendors or users. It is the responsibility of the users of the site to periodically review the terms.

Virtual Quote/Trade Genies is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers and vendors, therefore special care must be taken to insure the excellence of your experience as a customer, and the success of your campaign as a vendor. Some of the conditions for the vendors are listed below:

VENDORS Ie Tradesmen

1) ALL vendors may be requested to provide adequate proof of trading upon request, to ensure that they are legitimate businesses and are properly certified and licenced to adequately perform the services that list on this site.  Vendors MUST be prepared to provide adequate documentation upon request.

2) ALL feedback from customers will be listed on the site, exactly as provided.

We WILL NOT alter customer ratings or comments, unless deemed necessary.

Virtual Quote/Trade Genies cannot be held responsible for ANY feedback whether positive or negative which are provided by customers. Nor liable for any losses incurred from negative feedback.

3) All the recommendations that we provide for the vendor will be the feedback provided from customers who have secured your services from this site.

We WILL NOT POST recommendations from your past customers, outside of this website. Nor will post recommendations from people who do not interact directly with you in a business deal.

4) We will only post recommendations provided by customers (users) that you secured on this site for the work that you got from this website.

5) We WILL NOT be responsible for any legal or financial issues that you have with customers, nor will we assist in the reconciliation of customer complaints. Resolution of disputes is the sole responsibility of the vendor (tradesman)

FOR OUR USERS looking for tradespeople.

1) The purpose of this service is to protect your own interests and to insure that you get the best possible service available in your area.

2) Even though we attempt to insure that you have the best possible experience with our vendors (Tradesmen). WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for the quality of their work or service. We make no representations as to the price or quality of their services. We therefore will not be involved in ANY disputes that you may have with the vendor. The reconciliation of any legal or financial issues that you may have with the vendor are solely the responsibility of you , the customer.

3) Virtual Quote/Trade Genies is not responsible for false representation made by any of our vendors as to credentials or quality and type of work performed.

4) Virtual Quote/Trade Genies WILL NOT be held responsible for customers comments which misrepresent the vendors qualifications and services.

5) Please maintain a high level of professionalism when you are making customer recommendations, whether they are positive or negative. We reserve the right NOT to publish any recommendations which are negative , contain profanity, are obviously misleading , or misrepresentations.

6) Only one entry is allowed for your feedback. We urge you carefully consider your entry and review it before you make it.

7) Recommendations must be posted within 30 days of the completion of services to be included on the vendors profile.

8) WE ARE NOT responsible or liable for any legal or financial problems that you may have with the vendor whom YOU choose from this site. Nor are we responsible in assisting you in a legal or financial recourse with your selected vendor